Kronstad Campus, Bergen University College

In 2014, the students and staff of Bergen University College will move into a modern building at Kronstad, and completely adapted office and teaching premises in Møllendalsveien. Autumn 2014 will see the first semester of teaching at Kronstad.

The common site will provide benefits such as greater cooperation in the form of joint research projects and new courses of study.

The Kronstad university college building programme will provide facilities for 4400 students and 500 members of staff, while Møllendalsveien will have facilities for up to 1000 students and 200 staff.

Key figures – the new building

  • Bergen University College is Statsbygg’s largest construction project in 2013
  • The new building will cover a total of 51,000 square metres
  • The building’s high block will be nine storeys tall, and the rest of the building will include up to five floors
  • The building will incorporate five listed buildings from the era when Norwegian State Railways (NSB) owned the siteThe project has a budget of NOK 2.64 billion (as of 1/7/2012)
  • Artistic embellishment: NOK 16 million
  • Canteen: seating for 820
  • Culture auditorium: seating for 350
  • Environmental building: energy class B, 80 energy storage wells
  • High-accessibility design.

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