COR3 Living

Shelton Hawkins Architects present COR3 LIVING – an exciting new Passivhaus design for lakeside living.

A contemporary new design for a super-insulated house that requires almost no conventional heating. COR3 LIVING is based on the idea of supporting, servicing and sustaining a passive dwelling from a single organised, efficient core.

There is a strong analogy between the human body and our built environment. The human body has a number of vital organs that allow it to sustain life. Each one is unique, yet they work together to service the main body and are all contained within a central diaphragm. We breath, we eat, we sleep, we watch, we listen, we learn and we develop. Without the support of these life systems, these cyclic activities would not be possible.

COR3 LIVING takes the combination of passive and active systems that are akin to the life of a dwelling, as life organs and systems are to the human body – and progresses this into a philosophy for the eco-home of the future.