Wykamol set to help general builders with professional crack repairs

The “No more cracks” range of products from Wykamol is now available through merchants.

A range of structural repair products previously only available to specialist contractors is now being made available to general builders by leading property repair and renovation supplier Wykamol.

Following the highly successful launch in 2014 of its “No more damp” range of seven products through builders’ merchants, Wykamol will now offer its “No more cracks” range as a four-in-one package via the same route to market.

This comprises corrosion-resistant stainless steel helical wall ties designed specifically for cavity wall tie replacement in domestic housing and heritage buildings. These feature a new drill key to replace the specialist tool previously used.

These are complemented by crack stitching kits which in themselves comprise everything needed for professional wall stitching repairs, including 10 lengths of 6mm x 1m (8kN+) stainless steel helical crack stitching bars, a tub of grout, a grout applicator with high-flow nozzle, and a mixer paddle and finger trowel.

The “No more cracks” package is completed by masonry to timber lateral restraint ties and crack sealer plus – a high-strength cosmetic repair filler available in brick red and stone grey for all types of masonry gaps.

The products are supported by eye-catching POS (point-of-sale), guides to the non-disruptive application of the products, CPDs, insurance-backed 10-year guarantees, and training courses by Wykamol’s sales force, either at a merchants (free) or on-site.