Wire free alarm interconnection explained Aico launches updated ‘RadioLINK Expert’ guide

Aico, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of domestic mains powered Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, is pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of its highly popular RadioLINK Expert information book. The book is a comprehensive guide to Aico’s RadioLINK Professional wireless alarm technology which allows interconnection of Smoke, Heat and CO alarms together using Radio Frequency (RF) signals, eliminating the need for interconnection wiring.

RadioLINK Expert is an easy-to-use reference guide that contractors can use when installing a RadioLINK wirelessly interconnected alarm system – whether it’s a completely new system, or upgrading an existing Aico alarm system to incorporate this innovative technology.

The new edition of this guide has been updated to include Aico’s latest developments in RadioLINK, including remote House Code entry and the ability to add full control to mixed (or ‘hybrid) hard-wired and RF systems.

Remote House Code entry is of particular significance to those installing smoke alarms into HMOs and flats. RadioLINK can provide effective coverage in communal areas and individual apartments in HMOs because it provides a high level of tenant safety at an affordable price. RadioLINK alarms are fitted in the communal areas and / or stairwells, and wirelessly interconnected to Heat alarms just inside the entrance to each individual flat. The new remote House Code entry feature now negates the need to gain access to every flat simultaneously to House Code the system together. One RadioLINK base can be used to put all the other bases in the system into House Code mode, so you can easily add alarms to a system at a later date if you can’t access all the flats in one go.

As with the first edition of this much in demand booklet, RadioLINK Expert is split into colour-coded, easy-to-read sections and contains everything you need to know about installing RadioLINK. The introduction section begins by outlining how RadioLINK works, the different types of RF system available, suitable applications and the extensive benefits of wire-free alarm interconnection. An installation section lists all the information you will need to know in order to install and set up this technology, including siting positions, how to set up or ‘House Code’ the alarms and testing and commissioning. Further sections contain detailed advice on how to extend a RadioLINK system, how to connect it to other systems such as sprinkler and panel/security systems, Standards and Regulations and wiring diagrams for RadioLINK alarms and accessories.

RadioLINK Expert is part of Aico’s expanding ‘Expert’ series of literature, including Application Expert which provides both wireless and hard-wired alarm solutions for a variety of different applications. In addition to the ‘Expert’ series, Aico offers the very popular Electrical Contractors Handybook – outlining all you need to know about choosing, installing, testing and maintaining Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Copies of these can be requested through Aico’s website – www.aico.co.uk