Win for the Grundfos ALPHA3 System

The Grundfos ALPHA3 System has attracted much positive attention since it was introduced to the market in 2016. This could be because this is not just a reliable and durable circulator – but one that means the added benefit of offering substantial savings on heating bills through a process that simplifies hydronic balancing. Something that was unavailable to the market prior to this product introduction.

Filled with useful features and robust hardware, this circulator has raised the bar for efficiency and reliability in domestic circulators, even in the toughest systems. Put simply, this new ALPHA3 redefines what a small domestic circulator can do. With an energy efficiency index of just 0.15, the new ALPHA3 is the most energy-efficient circulator in its class, it analyses the pattern of use and automatically adjusts the power output down to as little as 3W when the demand is low, offering an energy saving of 87 per cent compared to regular pumps.

Recently the ALPHA3 System received an important recognition at the highly regarded H&V News Awards when it was announced as the winner of the Domestic Product of the Year category against very stiff competition. This is an important industry accolade for the ALPHA3 System.