Why selfbuilders choose Warmup!

There are many heating solutions available for self-builders to choose from: central heating, bio fuel, air source heating through to underfloor heating, electric and hydronic. To make the right choice you should consider the comfort of the users and the performance of the dwelling simultaneously with the selection of a heating system that will ensure it is comfortable to use, whilst being cost effective to run. These are the key reasons why self-builders are increasingly looking to underfloor heating.

Warmup underfloor heating – suitable for every type of self-build project: new-build, refurbishment and renovation
Warmup Projects Division offers extensive experience when it comes to installing underfloor heating (electric and hydronic) as the primary sole source or secondary heating in key zones, e.g. a bathroom or conservatory. From design through the installation stages, it works in collaboration with self-builders to meet:

• BREEAM coding and SAP Building Regulations assessment calculation models

• Building Regulations, Part L requirements

• Thermal modelling data

• Sustainability targets

When installation is complete its heating systems and energy controls demonstrate the reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions, to satisfy Planning and Building Regulations final approvals.

This is supported by a lifetime warranty on its products, SafetyNetTM installation guarantee, technical support 24/7/365 and through its Research Centre and post occupancy monitored housing programme, unique information for predicting energy savings and running costs is available at design stage.

Small works T:0845 345 2288 www.warmup.co.uk

Projects T: 0845 034 8270 www.warmup-projects.co.uk