White tea and fig is the secret scent to house selling success

For years estate agents have been telling vendors that the secret to selling their homes is to fill the air with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and delicious baked bread. But it is in fact the scent of white tea and fig that makes a successful sale according to award-winning house builder, Millgate.

It’s a well-known fact that smells sell; from the “new car smell” now bottled and available to buy through to leading US retailer Bloomingdales using scent marketing in their stores to boost sales and even the new “wake up and smell the bacon” iPhone app and device that wafts the appealing smell of cured meat in time with the alarm clock.

The way something smells has a big impact on the way we value products which is why scent marketing is rapidly growing in popularity not only with retailers but also forward thinking house builders such as Millgate.

Millgate’s Sales & Marketing Director, Johnathan Cranley, comments,

“Here at Millgate we pride ourselves on being cutting edge and embracing new technologies. An extraordinary amount of care and attention goes into each and every one of our Show Homes, from the interior design through to the soft furnishings, the brand of hand wash in the bathrooms and what is stocked in the wine cellar or pantry.

“This obsession with detail led us to consider not only what our homes look like but also how they smell to potential buyers which is why we now use the perfect scent of white tea and fig from global scent innovators, ScentAir, in our Show Homes. We do believe that scent is a powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with our customers, forging a greater association when a buyer first walks into a Millgate home.”

And it seems that scents really do make sense as over half of the luxury apartments at Westbrook House in Ascot, where the ScentAir of white tea and fig is gently infused, are now sold. Eight apartments have been snapped up within just a few weeks of launching and visitor feedback on Holland Place, the stunning collection of 6 bedroom detached homes in Sunninghill which also carry the evocative scent are extremely positive.

Jonathan goes on to comment,

“After extensive testing and consideration, we selected the white tea and fig scent for our homes as the blend creates a soothing, luxurious environment. From its roots in China, white tea is renowned for its health benefits whilst fig exudes a sophisticated yet subtle scent which appeals to our buyers.

“The response to the scent from visitors has been so positive in fact that we are now introducing ScentAir to all our developments, once again raising the bar when it comes to Show Home design and innovation. Using more or our buyer’s senses to form a bond with a home could play a vital role in the buying process.”

For more information on the luxury 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at Westbrook House in Ascot, available from £795,000 or the 6 bedroom detached country mansions of Holland Place, Sunninghill on the market from £4,250,000, both of which feature the white tea and fig scent, please contact Millgate today on 0118 934 3344 or visit www.millgatehomes.co.uk.