What does today’s Brexit Breakthrough mean to the property market?

Penny Mosgrove, CEO of Quintessentially Estates comments,

“We at Quintessentially Estates have seen the biggest reading in the last few weeks for 2017 showing that people are feeling positive about the outcome of Brexit.  In the last 12 months we have seen a huge increase of European and American buyers in the UK, specifically London.  The European HNWI will take comfort from this news knowing London and the UK is still a secure place to invest both their time and wealth.”

“A lot of our buyers in the last year have put off purchases and decided to stay in rented accommodation due to the uncertainty of their position in the UK.  This news will give them the certainty needed going into 2018 and will help re-open the purchasing conversations. ”

“We have had a number of people calling us today in light of the news saying they might want to re-start their search early 2018.”

“Property aside, what fantastic news to receive just before Christmas, that the UK government have come to such a positive agreement.  We hope this positivity continues into 2018.”