Wetrooms ‘liquid gold’ for Floor Heating Systems Ltd

With recent research revealing that an ever increasing number of homeowners are opting for wet rooms when renovating their property, one Nottingham based floor heating firm has experienced sales increases of 20 per-cent in the last 12 months, on its wet room range.

Nottingham based Floor Heating Systems Ltd, has seen a dramatic increase in the sales of its PCS Thermal Construction Boards and Shower Trays, and to cope with the increased demand, has rebranded its existing range to better appeal to its client base. Originally named the PCS Thermal Construction Boards and Shower Trays, the products will now be branded as part of the new “Delta Product range” and will be referred to as “DeltaBoard” and “DeltaTray”.

Sales Director Andrew Dye said:

“In the last ten years, wet rooms have seen rapid growth in the UK with the move towards an open-plan alternative having a major impact on bathroom layout and design. We have had a significant increase in enquiries relating to our wet room products, especially from the elderly and those with health related issues, which make getting in and out of a traditional bath or shower extremely difficult.”

Wet Room systems have been used in continental Europe for decades and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK where modern lifestyles and individual taste, demand quality.

Wet Rooms are not only easier to maintain than conventional shower rooms, but they can also add significant value to a property. Just last week, Phil Spencer spoke to the Telegraph newspaper, about adding value to your home and his advice was “Install a new shower-head or go for the ‘wet room look’, with frameless shower doors and panels that look clean and minimalist.”

Andrew added:

“Not only are our shower trays and construction boards increasing in popularity, but so has the number of those seeking to install underfloor heating throughout. Our Varme Wet Rooms can feature underfloor “heating” throughout, not just floor warming, including the actual shower area, which provides further luxury.”

For more information, please visit www.varme.co.uk