Wetroom specialist rolls out new tile mosaic range


Designers and developers, as well as specialist bathroom and wetroom contractors all stand to benefit from the introduction of the new Slicedstone mosaics range on a roll, launched by Marmox (UK) Ltd. in liaison with a leading adhesives manufacturer.

The palette of colours available under the Slicedstone brand extends from Copper, Bronze, Beige and Graphite to Autumn Leaf, Mars Stone and Sea Stone. There are also three mosaic mixes: comprising Beige Stone, Copper Stone and Slate – Lava Stone and Lauze – then Slate, Lava Stone and Sea Stone.

Crucially, the laser cut 25 x 25mm or 50 x 50mmtiles of sedimentary stone from India are mounted on a waterproof membrane with an in-built decoupling layer, to provide a crisp and regular finish offering stunning visual impact. Also, the individual tiles making up the 50 x 100cm roll lengths, or convenient 30cm square sections are easy to install on vertical and contoured surfaces using the special Murexin adhesives. Not only can they be 80 per cent quicker to fix, but will require up to 60 per cent less grout.

A spokesperson for Marmox, Johnathan Parsons, commented:

“Slicedstone is attracting a lot of interest from both and new and existing clients, being ideal for a wide selection of applications and property types: including sports and leisure, spa hotels, wellness and commercial as well as residential. The combination of natural stone, with all its visual subtleties, being laser cut and secured to a membrane, giving a consistent 3mm grout line has a unique appeal.”

Backed by a 10year product guarantee, Marmox’s Slicedstone range and Murexin adhesives are detailed in a set of technical brochures, while the manufacturers can also provide design and specification support.