We all need a boost sometimes

The water pressure in our homes isn’t always what it should be however, and today the GRUNDFOS SCALA2 delivers the perfect boost.

These WRAS approved units are the perfect choice for residential buildings with up to three floors and eight tap outlets. Their flexibility makes them the ideal and only boosting partner that you will need to deliver the water delivery results that are required around the home.

SCALA2s are equipped with intelligent pump control, this means they automatically adjust their operation to deliver the required water pressure via the integrated sensor that detects if the inlet pressure varies. So, if there are several taps open, it immediately tells the pump to boost the pressure. This all happens so fast, that there is no discernible interruption to the water pressure.

Add to this their compact size means a minimal footprint and enables them to be sited in small spaces such as a kitchen cabinet or airing cupboard. They offer great value for money and with a noise level of 47 dB(A) in typical use, SCALA2 is one of the quietest boosters in its class and with just one variant that is suitable for all domestic applications. All of which adds up to the perfect, compact, integrated boosting package.

SCALA2 is a whole house booster designed for residential

So, if your application needs a boost, you’ve the ideal answer in the Grundfos SCALA2. Visit www.grundfos.co.uk to find out more.