Water theme for 2017 event

The trade fair aimed at architects, designers and specifiers, ARCHITECT@WORK returns to London’s Olympia this month, with a focus on the critical issue of water.

A total of 120 leading European suppliers to architecture will be showcasing new products and innovations in surface solutions, lighting technology and interior and exterior fixtures and fittings at ARCHITECT@WORK at Olympia on 25 and 26 January.

All of these companies have gone through a “rigorous selection process,” say the organisers, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection “to ensure that the event is one of the most highly respected of its kind in the UK.”

Water theme

The theme for 2017 is water. As part of this the SCIN Gallery will present an exhibition focusing on four aspects.

The Material Source: Materials that come from Water will examine the use of natural elements that come from water such as seaweed and shells as well as solutions to material waste such as Bionic Yarn.

The Physical Connection: Interacting with Water will explore how water is incorporated into design, from tiles that redirect water to prevent flooding to how water can create a weathered look.

The Chemical Reaction: Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic will look the benefits of materials that repel or absorb water, from coatings and paints to meltable bio-plastics, expanding resins and dissolvable paper.

Lastly, The Aesthetic Inspiration: Looking like Water will show how water’s shine, bubbles and waves are imitated in design from glass and acrylic to fabric and marble.

Exhibition: use your ‘grey matter’

Another key feature at this year’s edition is the exhibition Matière grise: Grey matter, Materials, Reuse, Architecture by Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Architects Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon from the Encore Heureux architectural design agency explore the reuse of building materials at a time when architecture is aspiring to reinvent itself but is restricted by economic and environmental constraints. The exhibition urges the construction trade to use more ‘grey matter’ so as to use fewer raw materials.

The exhibition will showcase global projects which were built, in full or in part, with reclaimed building materials. In Brussels, second-hand bricks are used to build modern-day homes. In Massachusetts, the gantries of a motorway viaduct were used to build a villa. In Saint-Denis, rejected cladding for a shopping centre now envelops the prestigious National Academy of Contemporary Circus Arts. 75 projects, 14 essays and 13 interviews combine to show the potential of the recovery and reuse of materials and the possibilities for giving reclaimed materials a new lease of life.

ARCHITECT@WORK UK runs on 25 and 26 January 2017 at Olympia National Hall. Register at www.architect-at-work.co.uk using code 7950


Wednesday 25 January:

15:00: A bridge too far?

Roger Ridsdill Smith

(Foster+Partners), Jonathan McDowell (Matter Architecture), Julia Barfield (Marks Barfield), Ben Addy (Moxon Architects)

16:15: Design driven by natural forces

Chair: Eleanor Young (RIBAJ)

Ana Abram (Gustafson Porter), Jerry Tate (Tate Harmer), Michael Pawlyn (Exploration Architecture)

17:30:The British Land interview

Chair: Peter Murray (NLA)

Thursday 26 January:

15:00: The amphibious city

Chris Romer-Lee (Studio Octopi)

Carl Turner (Carl Turner Architects)

16:15: Waterway development

Chair: Phineas Harper

(Architecture Foundation)

Alex Ely (Mae Architects), Peter Chowns (Canal and River Trust), Steve Webb (Webb Yates)

17:30: The Argent interview

David Michon (Journalist),

Tom Goodall (Argent),

Anthony Peter (Argent)