Want to make green roof systems more successful? Use Aquaten – the new product from Wallbarn – available worldwide

Wallbarn announces its ingenious new product for stormwater management and water absorption.

Aquaten Living Roof Plus is an ultra-hydrophilic polymer which has been manufactured into a textile, for use in a range of water management applications. It has many advantages:

  • Captures water to keep substrate hydrated for longer periods
  • Increases the amount of water available to the root systems
  • Extends the time between irrigation
  • Reduces the amount of irrigation required
  • Increases rainfall attenuation – reducing rainfall run-off
  • Reduces wasted irrigation water
  • Slows down water run-off
  • Puts less pressure on drains
  • Ideal for very hot climates.

Aquaten Living Roof Plus makes green roof systems more viable and successful. It captures a far greater amount of water in green roof systems than other products on the market, holding over 2,000% of its mass in water.

The fabric is lightweight, safe and easy to handle. It does not swell when it becomes saturated; it changes its composition and becomes gel-like. The water is drawn out of the structure later when the soil / substrate becomes drier. It increases the amount of water available to the root systems significantly and extends the time between irrigation. It also means far less water is wasted.

It can be used in green roof systems and ground level landscaping. It is available as a stand-alone product or within our pre-made systems. Available worldwide.

Please contact Wallbarn for further details. sales(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)wallbarn.com . +44 (0) 208 916 2222.