Want a WOW bathroom?

Lustrolite acrylic high gloss wall panelling, available from Abacus Manufacturing Group, is a brilliant alternative to tiles in the bathroom.

It can be installed over new or existing wall finishes quickly and can be cut and drilled on site. It looks the same as glass panelling but is a multi-layer acrylic that weighs less than a third of a traditional glass sheet and has 20 times the impact strength. It is highly scratch and wear resistant and has as a ten-year guarantee.

Lustrolite is impervious to moisture and can be installed over new or existing wall finishes. It’s also highly resistant to harsh chemicals like bleaches and solvents, is easy to clean with warm water and a soft microfibre cloth and comes in three bathroom and four kitchen sizes. There’s nothing else like it on the market and an average panel takes about a third of the time of tiles to install. Joints can be sealed with colour-matched profiles or translucent silicone rather than grout.

There is a choice of seven vibrant colours – Arctic, Glacier, Blue Atoll, Rouge, Mocha, Titan and Carbon – and the non-stick surface prevents the growth of mould and bacteria as well as soap or calcium build-up.

For further information on Abacus Manufacturing Group, please visit www.abacusdirect.co.uk or call 0845 8 50 50 40.