Wallbarn – iDecking for cladding

Still fairly new to the UK is the revolutionary iDecking system exclusively distributed by Wallbarn, it offers one of the fastest, easiest ways of installing top quality decking boards as cladding.

These hardwearing, moisture-resistant decking boards are manufactured with grooves on the underside, which click into special mounting clips secured onto aluminium battens so no screws, hidden fixings or timber joists are required. Every element is pre-measured to fit exactly meaning it is almost impossible to install incorrectly and can be fitted almost twice as quickly as normal cladding. And the gaps between boards provides natural ventilation.

While the EasyClick system has proven popular for decking as it only requires you to stamp the boards into place, the EasyChange system, their alternative “liftable” design, has mobile clips allowing installers to lift the boards at any point using an EasyKey. This is particularly useful for areas where installers need to access the surface behind, such as electrics or pipework. Once closed, the clips keep the boards securely in place and thanks to the EasyKey the system is tamper-proof.

EasyChange is extremely adaptable and has also been used successfully in fabricating structures such as seating and tables.

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