Wallbarn announces the launch of a range of new products in 2017

Clients required a solution for paving or decking at extremely low heights. Wallbarn developed the MINI MEGAPAD 10-20mm available for both paving and decking.

These 100 per cent polypropylene pedestals are fully adjustable so split-millimetre differences in height are possible. These are tiny height adjustments, so this pad has a series of spokes around the circumference and a handle on one side so ‘fat fingered’ contractors can twist the stems effectively.

The MINI MEGAPAD 10-20mm is ideal for retro fitting schemes. So long as you have a structural surface beneath, rather than take up and replace old terrace surfaces, just overlay them. Lay decking and stone paving onto existing patios and balconies.

Also new is the BALANCE adjustable paving pedestal with self-levelling headpiece. It is stable, sturdy and able to move to a maximum slope of five per cent – approx. two degrees. It is available in heights from 25mm up to 395mm, we have been developing this for some time and think we have the very best self-levelling headpiece on the market.

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