Up, up and keep

Forget up cycling, for house-proud Brits it’s all about up and up cycling, as its revealed 2 in 5 British adults have bought furniture brand new and renovated it to a high standard with a unique look or to add value.

A study of 1,000 households by Furniture123.co.uk, exposed an interiors trend taking the UK by storm, as people look to make the most of the bargain furniture available and refurbish it creating unique, statement pieces for the home.

The trend is most popular with women, aged 25-30, with 4 in 5 admitting to either having up and up cycled once in their life or planning to do so with a piece of furniture they have recently bought.

The up cycling trend, where by people restore old discarded furniture that have been bought from charity shops or have salvaged is now a thing of the past, as keen interior novices lean towards brand new budget items that they are able to add value to by painting or adding detail.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Furniture123.co.uk commented on the trend:

“We’re seeing the up and up cycling trend more often, as people are looking to make their homes unique while keeping to a fairly reasonable budget. We get a lot of enquiries from customers asking about the materials our furniture is made from, to see if paint will take to it and so on.”

The most common pieces of furniture that people choose to up and up cycle include bed frames, as 68 percent of people admit to revitalising the focal point of the bedroom. This is followed closely by wardrobes (51 percent) and storage boxes (48 percent) as people opt to add value to larger items in the home.

Kelly adds:

“Buying statement furniture can often be very expensive, and larger pieces such as wardrobes or beds are hard to find within the average UK adult’s price range. The up and up cycling trend allows those who are looking for something different to create their own, unique style within their homes which is still good quality without breaking the bank.”

“Of our sample, 2 in 5 adults admitted to having already up and up cycled furniture within their homes, and this figure is on the rise.”

Some adults even confessed to boosting their income off the back of this trend, with 1 in 3 up and up cyclers claiming to have sold on the finished articles for a profit.

The most commonly up and up cycled furniture according to the research is:

1. Bed Frames – 68 percent

2. Wardrobes – 51 percent

3. Storage Boxes – 48 percent

4. Coffee Tables – 45 percent

5. Vanity Tables – 37 percent