Unique panel solution for Winnersh Triangle

An innovative new insulated composite panel from Panel Systems has been specified on a new multi-occupancy office block as part of the prestigious Winnersh Triangle, an 85 acre office and industrial business space in Wokingham, Reading.

Glasssolutions, a leading provider of glass and glazing solutions to the architectural, door and window and construction industry, approached Panel Systems to help meet the very specific requirements of this demanding project.

The client required a contemporary fully glazed facade for the multi-occupancy office building that featured individual black panels interlocking with a glazing system. The client specified that the glass should be laminated and bonded directly to the panels in order to ensure that should an individual pane ever be broken, it would be retained by the structurally bonded adhesive and not fall from the building.

An added complication was that the glass was specified as laminated with a black ceramic coating to conceal the floor space; this combination can often lead to excessive heat build-up and thermal stress within the glazing unit. Thermal Stress is the term used to describe the internal stresses created when glass is subjected to variations in temperature across its area, the more absorbent the glass the greater and quicker its response to solar radiation. If the safe temperature difference between the main area of the glass and the edges is exceeded, the glass may crack.

Panel Systems created a bespoke composite panel comprising laminated toughened glass which was bonded directly to a polysiocyanurate core insulation material with a 0.7mm coated steel balancer face for added rigidity and to protect the integrity of the glass. The Sheffield-based panel manufacturer produced over 1,000m² of insulated composite panels for this multi-occupancy office block, creating a stunning effect.

Danny Birrell, Design Team Leader for Glassolutions, said:

“This was a unique and complex requirement and we were confident that by working closely with Panel Systems a solution could be reached. Using composite panels produced in this way will provide added peace of mind to the client and has created a stunning facade to the building.”

Danny Phelan, Sales Manager at Panel Systems, said:

“This is exactly the type of project that brings together our design and technical know-how to ensure we provide a solution that meets a client’s exact requirements. We have been manufacturing composite panels to a wide variety of specifications for the past 40 years, so a project like this brings all our expertise into play.”

Panel Systems manufactures a full range of bespoke composite panels that are used to create aesthetically striking and thermally efficient buildings.

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