‘UK engineering has an image problem’ – WSP

Responding to the Government announcement of a £30 million fund to help tackle the skills shortage and address the gender gap in UK engineering Mark Naysmith, UK managing director of global consultancy WSP said:

“All support to tackle this increasingly problematic issue is welcomed; we have always said that the industry itself must lead on skills and this new fund will empower it to do so.

“Having a diverse workforce to deliver on the challenges ahead hinges on being able to attract in the very best talent but UK engineering continues to suffer from an image problem. We need to engage the next generation of talent from an early age, dispelling any myths about the profession and ensuring they make the right curriculum choices to pursue a career in our industry.

“And it’s not just engineers we should be worrying about but all the related professions such as environmental scientists, architects and transport planners – they all play a critical role in our future.”