UK Architects & Designers gain access to futuristic new composite bridges

ECS Engineering Services has gained the rights to supply and install a range of innovative, environmentally friendly and maintenance free bridges and bridge decks produced with the worldwide patented InfraCore® technology. Made from fibre reinforced polymer (FRP), these lightweight products have market leading load bearing capabilities up to 60 tonnes and more and can be used to deliver bespoke, cutting edge designs.

Modern materials technology is helping designers, architects and civil engineering companies to deliver more complex installations that include strong, durable and lightweight composite structures. The use of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) material in particular has the potential to provide a considerably lighter and more durable alternative to traditional construction materials.

ECS Engineering Services is looking to support the sector with its ability to provide a turnkey service for the design, construction and installation of these structures; that will in-turn make it easier for architects and designers to achieve great functional design with a unique signature look. With over 300 installations across Holland, Belgium, USA and even China, manufactured with a projected lifespan of 100 years, the design principles have been well proven already.

FRP manufacturing process allows for more complex designs such as varying cambers and non-constant cross-sections to be easily created. Once complete, the lightweight material allows more cost effective transport, better weather resistance, simplified assembly and greatly reduced site installation time compared to traditional materials, all of which helps to minimise the project costs.

The materials used in the manufacture of FRP bridges and bridge decks come with a 50 year guarantee and can be recycled as well. The lightweight, low maintenance design makes them a very sustainable option especially where structures have to be mobile in use, such as bridge decks that can be lifted to allow marine traffic to pass. The reduced weight of the FRP construction means the size of the motors and gearboxes can be reduced which greatly improves the energy requirement.

Jamie Wesley, Commercial Manager – Water Control Division at ECS comments:

“This is a fantastic opportunity that will allow ECS to use its core engineering design skills to deliver innovative, durable bridge solutions that can be installed quickly, saving time and expense in both construction and maintenance operations”

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