Turn over a new leaf from Hunter

Rainwater systems blocked with leaves and other debris could be a thing of the past, thanks to Hunter’s new Outlet Leaf Guard, the latest addition to its unrivaled range of PVC-U rainwater products. It is a doddle to install and fits into any 68mm rainwater outlet and prevents blockages by leaves and other debris, maintaining optimum flow rates, and making gutters virtually maintenance-free – Jobs a Good’un

The Outlet Leaf Guard will not detract from the clean lines of the rainwater installation with bulky, unsightly clips and is available in black – still by far the most popular colour for rainwater.

The Leaf Guard range also includes a Gutter Leaf Guard which clips on to gutter without the need for special tools or fixings and a Drain Leaf Guard designed to protect outside drains from blockage. It accepts rainwater downpipes of any size up to 110mm in diameter and covers a drain opening up to 300mm wide and 265mm deep. It can simply be screw fixed to the wall and removed to gain necessary access.

Hunter Plastics, part of the Aliaxis Group manufactures a wide ranges of PVC-U rainwater, soil and waste and underground drainage systems in the UK.