Trespa develops environmental credentials with BREEAM rating

Trespa has a long track record as a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials and has a strong commitment to sustainability.

The company works closely with architects, designers, installers, distributors and end users to ensure all its products not only meet the requirements of each individual project, but also maintain Trespa’s credentials as an environmentally aware manufacturer.

Trespa’s policy “Do No Harm, Do Good, Do Better” is used to measure the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product. Now Trespa has received the Environmental Profile Certificate from BBA for its Trespa® Meteon® FR and Trespa® Meteon® Standard product range.

BREEAM is one of a number of environmental assessment methods and rating systems for buildings. According to there are some 250,000 buildings with certified assessment ratings and over a million buildings registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990.

BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation. It is a comprehensive and widely recognised tool to measure a building’s environmental performance. BREEAM enables designers, clients and others to think about low carbon and low impact design, minimising the energy demands created by a building before considering energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

A BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks. This creates a clear evaluation of a building’s specification, design, construction and use. The measures used represent a broad range of categories and criteria from energy to ecology. They include aspects related to for example energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes.

Trespa is extremely proud to have achieved the Environmental Profile Certificate from BBA for its Trespa® Meteon® FR and Trespa® Meteon® Standard product range.

Trespa has become increasingly aware of its impact on the environment and continues its commitment to nature.

The challenge is to limit the impact of Trespa® products and operations on the environment. Trespa is fully committed to playing its part in understanding and meeting the associated diverse challenges, now and in the future.