Transforming the look and feel of a business park

Waterfront Estate, Cardiff
PBME Series Bin Screen System

Futuristic-style screening was used on a commercial estate to turn unloved bin stores into neat and tidy areas.

The Waterfront Estate, Cardiff had a series of damaged and vandalised wheelie bin enclosures, some of which were on a gradient allowing aging bins to roll into the road creating traffic hazards. The effect made the estate unappealing to work in for staff or visit as a client of the businesses operating there.

Staff from metroSTOR carried out a detailed assessment and consultation and recommended installing a secure wheelie bin screen system to the client, Drake Estates Ltd.

To meet the brief metroSTOR installed a series of new secure enclosures featuring a patterned bin screen with a punched metal grass design.

The futuristic-look screening provides a smart and secure enclosure giving the estate a much-needed facelift.

Product Type: PBME 2 x 5 – Firenze Freestyle Grass Design, PBME Series Bin Screen System for 2no. 770L–1280L 4-Wheeled Bins. Five units.
Product Finishes: Framework: Galvanised Steel; Cladding: Firenze™ Freestyle Savannah Perforated Pattern; Panel Finish: Galvanised
Location: Waterfront Estate, Cardiff
Project Completion: 2018