Top designer choses EcoSmart fires for luxury penthouses

Leading interior designer Maria Rice turned to EcoSmart fires to achieve a focal point for the stunning penthouse rooms of the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Chelsea Harbour.

Between 2008 and 2010, the hotel went through a dramatic restoration and rejuvenation programme, including the creation of four luxury penthouse suites offering spectacular views of the river Thames.

Maria and her team were tasked with creating four very different styles of penthouse apartment for one of the capital’s premiere five star hotels.

The main challenge faced by Maria and her design company, Dublin based adi studio, was the lack of a gas supply to the suites.

Maria recalled that she had seen bio-ethanol EcoSmart fires demonstrated at an exhibition and seeing as they needed no gas, she saw them as the perfect alternative.

However, it wasn’t just the fact the fires didn’t need gas, it was their versatility of design which made them excellent to work with.

Maria eventually opted for the EcoSmart Fire BK5, which is solely distributed in Britain by retailer Smart Fire UK.

The fireplaces have been designed to be the penthouses focal point in the living area and Maria has used marble and other natural stone for the fireplace surrounds.

Maria said:

“Our brief was to create four very different styles for what is arguably London’s premiere five star all-suite hotel.”

“We had always wanted the fire places to be the focal point for the penthouse suites. However, after looking at all the options, there was just no way we could get a gas supply up there. That’s when I thought of the EcoSmart fires.”

“The EcoSmart fires are extremely versatile when it comes to design. Because they don’t need a supply of gas or even a flue, their design potential is limitless.”

“Also, you can create a more aesthetically pleasing fire. That is to say, you can have one line of fire rather than a mass of flames.”

“Creating a fire in the penthouse would not have been possible without the design freedom of the EcoSmart fires.”

Paul Holt, Business Manager at Smart Fire UK commented:

“The beauty of the bioethanol fires is their flexibility of use.”

“Because there are no fumes emitted when the fuel burns there is no need for a chimney or a flue.”

“The EcoSmart fires run on bio-ethanol, this is a naturally occurring fuel that is sourced from agriculture.”

“The Wyndham Grand, Chelsea has set a new benchmark for luxury accommodation in London and we are thrilled that our fireplaces are part of the Capital’s only five star luxury all-suite hotel.”

Ref: 71069