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Actis – Addressing the Performance Gap using reflective insulation

Discover how Actis believes closing the Performance Gap can be achieved by providing trusted products within a building system and an open culture of discussion and collaboration of all professionals involved in construction.

BBA – Consistency in U-value and junction ψ-values calculations

To provide a reliable route to compliance, satisfy building control and provide assurance to the industry, the BBA have teamed up with Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (TIMSA) and Robust Details Limited (RDL). The aim of Constructive Details scheme is to provide junction ψ-values that are accurate, flexible in scope and easy to use.

BBA – Windows and doors – do they meet building regulations?

The BBA have been testing and certifying innovative products for nearly 50 years. They specialise in all construction products and assess products to a variety of national, European and international standards in order to meet national Building Regulations and Codes of Practice.

BSW – To present the British Softwoods field trial project and incising in a commercial sense

The WPA has contracted the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to conduct a controlled field trial of treated, sawn British Softwood posts at two UK sites. Find out about the key aims and outcomes of the project.

Button-fix – Fixing interior panels – the easy way

Find out why this range is being specified and used around the world. In this talk Tony Wills will explain how much easier it is to precisely fix interior panels using Button-fix.

Cellecta – Flawless flooring systems focus: fast fit, flawless flooring solutions for suspended ground and separating floors

Discover the systems helping to reduce overall build times, improve thermal performance, reduce the running costs of a development and improve living conditions for occupants.

Coillte Panel Products – OSB innovation – widening the scope of applications

The extensive ranges of Medite MDF and SmartPly OSB are highly-regarded products synonymous for quality, choice and innovation.

Deckwise – Hidden deck and cladding fasteners

Deckwise®, an Ipe Clip® Fastener Company, manufactures patented hidden deck fastener clips for hardwood, composite, and PVC decking in their US manufacturing facility.

DuPont Tyvek – Fabric first -The holistic approach to thermal performance and energy conservation

DuPont Tyvek will demonstrate the need to consider heat, air and moisture when designing buildings for long term performance that complies with the current and ongoing thermal performance demands of the Building Regulations, including Parts C & L.

Ecological Building Systems – Airtightness- active moisture management using intelligent vapour checks

Airtightness is a critical part of building a low energy construction, with additional benefits concerning comfort, health and structural durability. This talk will give an overview of airtightness and common failure areas and also look at how to implement a strategy from the design stage to the final test on site.

Eurochene – Product range from a french sawmill

With the same motto “quality, service and innovation” since 1976, Eurochêne’s strength today resides in their capacity to anticipate trends and markets. The company operates in over 50 countries worldwide and continues to set the standard in the wood industry.

Frame Wise – Hybrid structural systems – the Wise Wall product range

Frame Wise, creators of the Wise Wall product range, are proud to be the UK’s leading innovator in award winning structural timber frame systems, delivering a wide range of quality projects, across all commercial sectors – on budget and programme. The Wise Wall systems can be used together to provide the optimum hybrid solution.

Frame Wise – Addressing the Performance Gap with Fabric First Principles

With rising energy costs the Fabric First principles are now being adopted, as the requirement grows for more energy efficient homes and commercial buildings. Find out how Frame Wise can help you address the performance gap with Wise Wall – the award winning panel systems from Frame Wise have exceeded performance expectations.

IWS – FAST timber engineered separating floor

IWS in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University and Icopal Monarfloor Acoustics have developed innovative separating floors for both timber frame and the first practical timber engineered separating floor for masonry construction, the FAST Timber Floor.

Jagram – Strength, costs & design advantage through curved glulam constructions

Discover how easy and economical the applications of curved glulam beams are. Bespoke, adapted to specific onsite limitations are being individually moulded in a mass production process. Large production benefits combined with individual design. Study the design possibilities and verify surprisingly affordable costs in completed projects.

KdB Insulation – Specifying the correct insulation for the application: designing insulation solutions that will meet planned targets and last. Let’s make it easy on site to apply the products!

Get it right before you enter the building site – to create energy efficient homes we must not only select the insulation materials to suit the application, we must also apply the insulation and associated building materials correctly.

Knauf – Knauf’s flooring, finishing and exterior cladding solutions for timber frame developments

An introduction to Knauf’s range of products and systems that are ideal for use on timber-framed and timber-battened structures. Including: Knauf Flooring Product, Knauf Readymix Plasters and Knauf Aquapanel Exterior.

Moulin – Moulinvest group and its products

In this talk you can find out about Moulinvest, a family owned, fully integrated wood manufacturing company offering a wide range of wood-based products supplemented with custom services since 1906.

NorDan UK – Panelised building systems – factory fitted, high performance window solutions

An overview of benefits and methodology of factory fitting NorDan high performance timber and alu-clad timber windows into panelised building systems.

Koppers – Micronised timber and the need to protect internal timbers to future protect timber against rot and decay

Learn about timber preservation and the environmental, aesthetic and operational benefits of MicroPro treated timber when compared to current copper based systems.

Ontario Wood – How Canadian stick-frames homes keep warm at -40°C

Canada is known to have extreme weather conditions. Find out how Canadian home builders have applied building standards to help home occupants endure the harsh climate.

PIVETEAUBOIS – Discover PIVETEAUBOIS’s innovative softwood solutions for the construction industry and garden & landscaping markets

Come and learn about the extensive and high quality range: structural components, Glulam timber, cladding, decking, flooring, panelling, swimming pools, fencing, trellising and screenings, garden structures, posts, sleepers, stakes, crash and sound barriers, composite timber, thermo-treated timber, wood heating pellets and more.

Rotho Blaas – Technology, know-how and innovative solutions

Screws for timber engineered structures have been at the heart of Rotho Blaas since the mid-90s. The range of wood screws has grown in terms of quality and quantity, leading the company to its current position as one of the main international players in the sector.

Rubner – Sustainable and lightweight: Rubner timber facades solutions for multi storey and sophisticated architecture

The façade solutions shown in this Toolbox Talk will present case studies on buildings with different challenges in architectural detail design, building physics, construction sizes and material behaviours.

Tenmat – Fire Protection of timber wall cavities

Tenmat will discuss the dramatic advances in fire protection that are currently taking place. This presentation will show how a very simple solution has improved fire safety and reduced costs.

Unilin Division Panels – Technical wood based panels for timber frame construction

HydroFlam is a fire-retardant and moisture resistant chipboard which can be used in load bearing applications such as racking boards and flooring in timber frame constructions. Unilin will explain how to make use of this cost effective solution to comply with STA guidelines.

Wallbarn – Height adjustable supports for installation of traditional decking to balconies, pitched roofs, roof terraces and general unlevel surfaces

This presentation will introduce the range of fully adjustable support pedestals for use with traditional timber joist and decking systems and will also look at a range of hardwood timber decking tiles, which can be used as a decorative and aesthetic alternative to the traditional planked system.

Wiehag – Bringing timber to the concrete jungle – Wiehag’s huge glulam gridshell roof at Canary Wharf’s new Crossrail station

The talk explores the amazing journey Wiehag have been on with this project, from early design to handing over the finished grid shell.

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