Timber offers solution to building more, better homes, says the STA

The Structural Timber Association is today encouraging the government to look at the benefits of using timber frame construction as a solution to the UK housing shortage.

Following the launch of an inquiry by the Lords Economic Affairs Committee to investigate the supply and affordability of homes and review the government’s policies for providing low-cost housing, the STA believes that an increase in the construction of timber frame houses could provide a cost effective, sustainable solution.

Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the STA said:

“Last week, the RIBA said the launch of this inquiry signalled a crisis point in the UK housing shortage. At the STA, we fully support the RIBA’s campaign to encourage the committee to look at the barriers to speeding up new housing projects and focus on better design of homes in the UK.

“Moreover, we are suggesting that the committee takes the time to connect with us at the STA to help research the benefits of timber frame houses in the UK. As the most cost efficient, fast and sustainable method of construction, timber frame has the potential to help developers meet the demand for more houses and speed up projects whilst maximising profits and safeguarding future work.”

“At this crucial time for the UK construction industry, the focus needs to be on building more homes and building better homes and we firmly believe that more timber frame houses is the first step in achieving this. As such, we will be submitting some evidence to the inquiry to support an increase in timber frame houses and look forward to assisting the committee with its research moving forward.”

To find out more about the STA visit www.structuraltimber.co.uk