This autumn’s top design trends’ or ‘Modern twist on 70’s Glam’

This autumn’s top design trends include a modern twist on 70’s Glam.  The use of chrome and polished steel are the stand-out adornments of the decade and combined with cut-out patterns they create a distinct and instantly recognisable look.

Interior designers and architects look to the endless design capabilities of metal cutting specialists, Emsea Ltd, to capture the glamour, opulence and fun of the decade with mirrored and metallic surfaces, polished brass and steel and bold geometric designs.

“We have seen a real trend of late for bespoke designs influenced by 70’s Glam,” commented Mark Causer, director at Emsea Ltd.

“These pieces take the essence of 70’s style and compliment it with a contemporary twist, such as modern cutting techniques for a slightly softer look to traditionally hard geometric patterns.”  Mark added: “Using two or more types of materials, cut and polished using different techniques to achieve individual finishes, can add texture and new depths to the pieces and we expect this trend to continue to grow.”

Popular concepts incorporate dull polishing, mirror polishing and powder coating, alongside the use of acrylic, whilst layering designs.  Dull polishing is achieved by running the material through a fine grit sanding belt, reducing the reflective value and allowing designers to incorporate the look of metal without any glare.  For areas where additional brightness is required, mirror polishing ensures a highly reflective surface and maximum diffusion of light.

By layering designs and combining the lustre of mirror polished pieces with a matt powder coated secondary layer, a beautiful contrast can be achieved, bringing 70’s Glam into the 21st Century.

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