Think roofs, think NFRC – but what’s in it for you?

By Ray Horwood CBE, chief executive of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors

In a fast-changing construction environment, it’s more important than ever that architects and specifiers keep abreast of developments within the roofing industry. From BSI British Standards to CompetentRoofer, there is an ever-changing landscape of legislation for roofing. Given the pivotal role that architects and specifiers play in the design and specification of roofs and roofing materials, it’s imperative that they stay on top.

Equally, when it comes to specifying roofing products or collaborating with roofing contractors, it’s always tempting to stick to the tried and trusted, using only those products and companies that architects and specifiers are familiar with. However, having such a confined approach can lead to missed opportunities and the chance to turn the ordinary roofing project into the extraordinary.

To bridge this gap and provide guidance on all matters roofing, including education and best practice, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) has rolled out a roofing campaign to exclusively target the architectural community, entitled Think roofs – think NFRC.

Ray Horwood CBE, chief executive of NFRC explains: “The importance of roofing design in architecture can never be under-estimated, and in a fast-changing industry, now is the time to launch a dedicated campaign that aims to position NFRC as a single source of knowledge and expertise for both architects and specifiers.

“Dating back over 120 years, we are the UK’s largest roofing trade association; representing over 70 per cent of the roofing industry by value, and currently representing over 1,000 contractors and 165 manufacturers, merchants and service pro-viders members.”

Ray continues: “Our knowledge and experience can benefit both new and established architectural practices, and we are confident that our Think roofs – think NFRC campaign will establish us as the architects’ answer to roofing, and ultimately lead to improved best practice across all roofing disciplines.”

But just what, exactly, do architectural practices stand to gain from working with NFRC? As well as offering comprehensive guidance and advice, the federation provides technical assistance, engagement and support when working with a member of NFRC, along with access to information covering all disciplines of roofing. Updates on the latest developments in standards and legislation are also available.

Ray explains: “For example, architects need to be aware that CompetentRoofer is now an accredited body for Green Deal and ECO, which enables member companies to become Green Deal and ECO authorised in one simple procedure, saving valuable time and money and further reducing the risk on project management.”

He adds: “As well as putting architects in touch with an extensive register of suppliers that they can place their trust in, NFRC provides an overriding umbrella of knowledge and cooperation through the supply chain. Thanks to our extensive resource centre, we can become the first point of call for all architects and specifiers.”

As part of its best practice strategy, NFRC also firmly encourages architects, specifiers and project managers to work in close collaboration with roofing contractors to deliver high quality, consistent and cost-effective results on projects.

Working collaboratively not only reduces the stress and hassle for the client throughout the project, ensuring a smoother and often faster process, it also ensures that it is completed on time and in line with the specifications. It also helps guarantee that all tenders are like for like and comparable, and are the best use of any warranties given by the manufacturers.