Thermafleece – the natural choice in insulation

With a growing choice of insulation and increasing awareness of the many roles insulation plays, it’s worth considering the most effective option for your project. Here are some reasons why you should think seriously about using Thermafleece sheep’s wool insulation.

Thermafleece is manufactured in the UK using British wool to create effective, safe and sustainable insulation. We use wool because it’s a natural insulator, locally grown, sustainable, breathable, dampens sound and fire safe.

Not only does Thermafleece act like other insulation in preventing heat loss, its thermal mass helps reduce heat gain during summer months. What’s more, Thermafleece acts as a humidity buffer by binding and releasing water, helping prevent the accumulation of harmful moisture.

Thermafleece provides sound insulation comparable to the best acoustic mineral fibre. This is due to the irregular surface, shape and density of wool fibres.

Thermafleece can be used alone or in combination with most other types of insulation to improve thermal mass, breathability, acoustics or to reduce environmental impact of the building fabric. Visit us on stand K116 Home Building and Renovation Show Birmingham 28th to 31st March or visit for more information.