The warmth of summer, now inside

The memory of last summer may feel distant — but it’s warmth can live on. A Jetmaster inset stove gives your home a welcoming warmth that cannot be compared to a gas or electric fire. No heating solution comes close to the ambiance of a roaring log fire. Light up a Jetmaster and you’ll feel the difference.

Through colder months and early nights, a wood stove fire could colour your home with tones of glowing warmth. And with Jetmaster’s blazing fuel efficiency of up to 86%, heat is released into the room, not lost up the chimney.

Jetmaster inset stoves carry a focused, clean line appearance. The main design element is the face of the stove, featuring a large glass window. It’s an eye in to the soul of the stove, delivering a full view of the flame picture. A proficient airwash system protects this view with a one inch thick air curtain, warding off dirty deposits that obscure the glass of other stoves. The visual delight of the fire kept at the forefront.

Each Jetmaster stove is a convector stove by design, projecting warmth to the corners of the room. All stoves radiate heat from the front. Jetmaster’s stoves also draw cool air around the firebox before returning it back as warmed air through convection. This heats the room faster and more efficiently than by radiant heat alone. It also dissipates heat away from the materials built around the stove, giving a longer life to the fireplace.

Heat from Jetmaster inset stoves can be piped to adjacent rooms with the optional ducting kits. Pipes attach to knock out holes on the outer box, allowing hot air to circulate to cooler parts of the home. This can used to your advantage where a larger fire is desired or the look of a bigger model is better suited to the room but the stove’s heat output is not required. An efficient ducting system can redirect up to half the heat away from the room with the stove. With ducting pipes in place, a huge flame picture can be enjoyed without that room becoming a furnace and without wasting the stove’s efficiency.

All Jetmaster’s inset stoves can be fitted as room sealed appliances with an external air kit. Do away with unsightly air vents! Not only do air vents look unpleasing, they create cold air drafts across the floor of the room, defeating the purpose of a warming fire. With Jetmaster’s external air kit outside air is fed directly into the stove with not an air vent in sight.

Burning wood on a Jetmaster stove is also one of the most environmentally friendly methods of heating. The 16i, 18i, 50i and 60i models are already approved by Defra to burn wood in smoke controlled areas where necessary. But wood isn’t the only way with Jetmaster’s inset stoves. Choose a solid fuel that’s right for your area — coal, briquettes or smokeless fuels — a huge range of our inset stoves burn multi-fuel.

Crafted lovingly in Hampshire, England, Jetmaster stoves are British-made, designed for British homes. Products are engineered using quality British steel and each join is carefully seam welded to ensure longevity. Jetmaster stoves carry a five year guarantee.