The power of colour

Crown Paints’ Kathryn Lloyd looks into the latest paint shades and design ideas, and explains how quality formulations and technology can help bring colour to life both indoors and out

Colour can be one of the most important elements to introduce into the design of a home. It’s a personal choice and something that can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a building overall.

A new approach to colour application

When Crown Paints unveiled the Colour Influences spring and summer collection recently, we were able to show just what impact shades can have on the home. The annual collection is compiled by engaging the expertise of a group of designers and stylists from a variety of backgrounds to provide a collective view on colour influences.

The 2017 spring and summer Colour Influences centre around three stunning, eye-catching palettes, which provide on-trend ideas for those building their own home.

This season’s colours also feature different application techniques, including ombre effects, graduation, multi-layering and shapes, to bring an exciting and inspirational dimension.

A sense of relaxation

‘Stillness’ is the first palette in the collection and the concept behind it is the development of a setting which induces a relaxed mood. Taking its inspiration from ethereal scenes of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, these colours are designed to work together to ‘anchor us in the moment.’

The palette has been curated to provide a backdrop where daily distractions and disruptions are easily forgotten and worries melt away.

The graduation of colour mimics a hazy sunrise and creates a serene space, which is perfect for reflection. Soothing yellow fades into architectural greys, with a clever ombre effect reflecting the subtlety of water colours.

These are the shades for those looking to create a serene, sophisticated space in the home – with the palette combining to relax the mood and provide a welcome break from a hectic day.

A rich tapestry of shade

The second palette, ‘Fusion’, showcases rich, vibrant hues in a complex and ornamented design. Inspiration for this trend comes from marrying traditional ethnic design with bold colour, with multi-layering application for a contemporary look.

Fusion drenches walls in vivid colour, using a patchwork of stencils to give an almost distressed feel.

This is a strong look which could be confined to one area of a room, such as a statement wall, to add individuality and personality. Ultimately, colour is exciting and this fusion trend is all about a mix and clash of shades to create something new and dynamic in the home.

Fun & free

The third and final palette ‘Free Spirit’ is a fun trend evoking a sense of faded 1980s Miami glamour. Combining coral, orange and aqua tones against a backdrop of luxury details, Free Spirit includes the use of quirky shapes to punctuate walls.

This palette is ‘non-conforming’ and is all about choosing things which are loved and cherished to create a pleasing atmosphere. It is a trend which provides a creative space to celebrate individuality. There are no rules, and glamorous accessories will only add to the look.

The bright clear colours are full of energy and combine to create a playful feel. This is a palette which would work particularly well in a bedroom, or even a child’s room.

A lasting finish

It’s not only the choice of colour that matters when decorating. The quality of the product plays an important role – choosing a product that has been around for a long time means it will have years of knowledge and experience behind it. A good paint product will feature high performance formulations and exceptional durability and longevity, to ensure colourful projects stand the test of time.

Some products include scrubbable finishes, which means colour choices are not constrained by performance, and greater time can elapse before a project needs redecorating.

Along with the choice of quality products, another useful element to consider when introducing colour into the home is the advances made in technology to make a project run smoothly.

Apps such as MyRoomPainter enable self-builders to visualise colour choices. Designed to enable users to create instant schemes while using a smartphone or mobile tablet, these apps can show how any palette will look in situ.

These kinds of apps can illustrate how an area will look once decorated in any spectrum of shades, including exterior walls, wood and metal. They can also contain additional features such as colour-matching functions and paint calculators to calculate the precise amount of paint required for individual projects.

Some also offer inspirational libraries, giving viewers even more opportunities to consider colour choices. Furthermore, projects can be saved and shared online, so options can be viewed time and time again and sent out to all interested parties, enabling people to collaborate together to curate something really special.

Kathryn Lloyd is Crown Paints’ colour specialist