The new look of urban design

The creative use of perforated metal in urban design shapes the framework of our surroundings. Perforated metal offers a whole new level of freedom for designers and architects who want to influence the cityscape of tomorrow and breathe new life into urban areas.

As any architect can testify, a city is not just about the buildings. The city is a landscape of aesthetics, emotions and ambitions. The city is an expression of human interaction and a crossroad of past, present and future. This makes the urban landscape a playground for ambitious architects and entrepreneurs who want to make their mark and to influence the shape of tomorrow.

Architects focus on new ways to design modern buildings and are on the look-out for materials that will contribute to their interpretation of city life. RMIG is a world specialist in perforated metal and leads the way in developing innovative solutions for creative urban design that are based on perforation in all shapes, sizes, colours and surfaces.

Versatility and functionality

Perforated metal offers a unique versatility and functionality when it comes to design, material and use. A good example is the use of perforated metal as decorative facade cladding, where it also serves as an efficient sun screen that does not require power or manual adjustment to work. It is a ‘green’ solution that creates a comfortable indoor atmosphere for the users of the building.

Sound absorption is an area where perforated metal can also be used to great advantage. When used for walls and ceilings in interior design, the perforation combined with sound absorbing fabric or batts ensures maximum noise reduction. This contributes to a better and safer environment for many, whether they are occupants in residential buildings, using public facilities or working in an open plan office.

Picture perforation, known as RMIG ImagePerf is yet another elegant solution to the challenges of architectural design. RMIG ImagePerf converts perforated metal into a ‘projection screen’ for art, photographs, illustrations and graphic designs. It provides an inspiring level of creative freedom and strong expressive power for designers and architects. It can be used as a contrast to the other building materials, to highlight certain parts of the building, or to show those in the vicinity the purpose of the building.

Experience and expertise

RMIG is a market leader in the manufacture of perforated sheets and expanded metal. In Europe alone, RMIG is represented in 13 countries and the company has more than 100 years of experience within perforation manufacturing and processing. RMIG have taken all the advantages of conventional perforated metal to the next level by utilising perforated products to enhance our common urban environment.

Using perforated metal as a decorative part of buildings, interiors and facades creates countless possibilities. To assist professionals within the building sector to obtain the best possible results, RMIG has established a complete process that gives the needed support. RMIG’s perforation experts are there to offer advice and guidance for the whole journey – from the conception of the idea to the choice of materials, patterns and finishing treatments to the final product manufacture.

RMIG’s competent staff can also advise on specific needs regarding the application of graphics, photos, designs and patterns to create the right impression. Before the final production begins, everything can be accurately visualised and samples can be produced to ensure that the end result meets with the precise requirements for a given project.

RMIG case studies – examples

Among the many projects where perforation has been used in urban design, is the SCA complex in Göteborg. This office complex has qualified as a ‘Green Building’ due to its environmentally friendly technical standards. Perforated metal panels from RMIG have been used to make sun screens to provide a good working environment for users and at the same time reduce energy consumption. The aluminium elements range in thickness from 5.0 mm to 8.0 mm and have been coated to increase durability and give a lasting contribution to the design of the building.

The Chalmers parking facilities are also located in Göteborg. Here, the architects chose perforated sheets from RMIG when designing the facade to create an aesthetically well-balanced and contemporary building and to offer the users of the facilities a reassuring level of privacy. The materials are corten steel and aluminium, and the surface treatment helps the cladding blend in well with the surrounding brick buildings.

Going from strength to strength…

To individualise and strengthen its design and architectural efforts, RMIG has chosen to market their creative solutions under the name of City Emotion. The RMIG City Emotion concept has already been used for a wide range of projects all over Europe, providing invaluable experience for the future.

Building further on these achievements, RMIG continues to explore and develop the many different ways to use perforation in modern design, and to this end, they collaborate closely with architects, designers and entrepreneurs to conceive new and bold ideas that will influence the shape of our cities. this parenthesis with the @ sign)