The Institution of Structural Engineers transforms accessibility to Chartered membership

The Institution of Structural Engineers is transforming accessibility to Chartered membership by simplifying the routes candidates follow to its Chartered Membership Exam.

Masters level standard remains the benchmark, but from 2016, candidates with a Bachelors degree can demonstrate their Masters Level learning gained through their postgraduate experience via the Chartered Membership Exam.

This change recognises that Masters Level knowledge gained in professional practice can be assessed through the exam.

Martin Powell, Chief Executive of the Institution of Structural Engineers, said:

“Our new approach will transform accessibility to Chartered membership, while leaving the rigour of our professional competence assessment unchanged. In this way we can provide new opportunities for talented individuals irrespective of background or circumstance.

“The Institution believes that this will be of continuing benefit to the public’s trust in structural engineers, who are the guardians of public safety in the built environment.”

The Professional Interview and rigorous exam – widely acknowledged as exceeding Masters standard – will test levels of competence and knowledge gained. Masters level courses and the TRR are still valid options, so candidates can choose the route that is right for them.

Darren Byrne, Director of Membership and Education, said:

“Expanding access to the exam to BEng (Hons) holders helps us better align UK applicants with those from other nations, while maintaining our Interview and exam as one of the most demanding assessments of knowledge, understanding and professional competence in the world.”

The format and standard of the Institution’s interview and exam remain unchanged.

Once qualified, all members of The Institution of Structural Engineers continue their development through programmes of mandatory career long-learning.