The House Shop guide to extreme house selling

Extreme House Selling started off as an American phenomenon, but after making the jump across the pond, UK homeowners and estate agents can now make the most of this new and innovative marketing technique. Extreme House Selling techniques are designed to help anyone selling a home draw attention to their properties in an ultra-competitive market and give their home that extra special something that sets them apart from the competition.

The House Shop, formally The Little House Company, have been helping homeowners sell their properties privately for over a decade and have championed the use of unique and innovative marketing techniques to help their clients get noticed.

The House Shop’s Nick Marr has been a pioneer of Extreme House Selling in the UK and explains the trend below:

“Extreme House Selling is about taking control, being proactive and doing everything within your power to sell a home. It’s about recognising that when you put a property on the market, you are entering a competition and your aim is to stand out from the crowd and attract the perfect buyer. Extreme House Selling goes way beyond the typical blanket marketing approach applied to most property listings and instead aims to be unique, fun and exciting. As long as it’s legal, and moral, both estate agents and homeowners can attract a brand new audience of people who may be interested in a home.”

At the end of the day, Extreme House Selling is all about creating a buzz around your home. It is not so much about the actual stunt or method that you use, but more about the fact that by doing it, you are bringing press attention to your home and leaving a lasting impression in peoples’ minds.

Anyone and everyone can employ Extreme House Selling techniques, social media offers a great opportunity to get involved – create the right hook and you might just have your home go viral.

There is no one single recipe for Extreme House Selling, it’s about creating a unique hook that attracts the attention of the wider media – so think outside the box, think big, and think extreme!

Here are some real life examples of Extreme House Selling to get your creative juices flowing and give you a little inspiration.

Install a Rollercoaster

Maybe your home just isn’t exciting enough to attract hoards of buyers… Well why not jazz up your viewings with an added adrenaline rush and build a mini-rollercoaster to take people on a high-speed tour around your home. That should do the trick.

Provide Virtual Reality Tours

Harrods became the first ever department store to sell luxury homes– and best of all they used virtual reality Oculus Rift headsets to let wealthy buyers nose around multi-million pound mansions from the comfort of their sofa. A perfect example of hi-tech Extreme House Selling.

Make a Music Video

If the bog-standard video tour doesn’t spark your excitement, then why not take the leap into a musical version. It’s a tough task treading the fine line between dreadfully awful an utterly brilliant, but we think Andrew from AndrewK Property hits the nail on the head. If musicals aren’t your thing then there’s a hip-hop/rap style alternative that might flat your boat.

Paint a Giant Sign

Paint a giant For Sale sign with a contact number on the roof of your home like John Lincoln – “We do get several hot air balloons, light aircraft, micro-lights and parachutists around here”

Bake a Cake

Bake a couple thousand cupcakes with pictures of your home printed onto the icing and hand them out anywhere and everywhere like Roger Bailey did for his Berkshire home– everyone loves cupcakes.

Raffle Your House

Raffle off your home like this savvy American homeowner by selling $10 tickets to 10,000 people – when people see a big sign saying “Win a house for $10” they tend to stop and pay attention.

Back to Basics

Sometimes the simple stunts are the most effective – go back to basics like Tim Mason and traipse around town wearing a DIY sandwich board For Sale sign.

Sell Your Lifestyle

Get home-hunters to buy into your lifestyle as well as your home and offer up your convertible 2008 Bentley with your property – as if the multi-million pound mega-mansion wasn’t enough on its own.

Hire Synchronised Swimmers

Are you selling a home with a swimming pool, but don’t know how to give it that extra wow-factor? Why not hire an entire team of synchronised swimmers to perform as you show potential buyers around your home.