The future is permeable

New legal requirements for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) on developments across Wales apply from January, heralding wider use of concrete block permeable paving. Meanwhile, the trade association Interpave has published the new Edition 7 of its definitive guidance to this essential SuDS technique – Design and Construction of Concrete Block Permeable Pavements – now available to download from

The Welsh Government has now implemented Schedule 3 of the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act. This includes the establishment of a SuDS Approving Body (SAB) within each local/unitary authority, alongside its lead local flood authority duty. SAB approval will be required before construction of drainage systems can commence on new and redeveloped sites.

The Welsh National Standards point out that:

“The SuDS approach mimics natural drainage, managing surface runoff at or close to the surface and as close to its source as practicable, controlling the flow … and providing a range of additional benefits.”

By its very nature, concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to meet these requirements, as an attractive, surface-based, multifunctional SuDS technique.

Interpave’s new Design and Construction of Concrete Block Permeable Pavements guidance covers the most recent permeable paving techniques, such as overlays to existing road constructions and enhanced, predictable water storage using flow controls. It can be downloaded from Interpave’s new website – an essential resource covering all aspects of design with precast concrete paving, including an inspirational project gallery and case studies, supported by background information for all design stages, as well as for CPD.