The challenge of Chitterman – stage 1

Marrying the old with the new is an age old problem for the self-builder, but at a project in Leicestershire, contractor Pearson Properties has been able to seamlessly combine history and cutting edge environmental benefits using products from Schlüter-Systems.

Appointed by the owner to radically transform a 19th century building into a contemporary family home, this renowned contractor will oversee the installation of Schlüter’s revolutionary products, which will contribute towards creating an energy efficient eco-friendly house.

Built in 1887, Chitterman House will be constructed in several stages that will result in a completely new property rising up from the foundations of the original house. Located to the north of Leicester, the house will keep the original front walls, while the rest of the property will be completely rebuilt and boast sustainable qualities.

Consisting of two floors, the main house will accommodate a much bigger space, with five bedrooms and 6,000 sq ft of living space planned, while the outbuildings will provide a gymnasium, games room and garage. Commencing development at the beginning of this year, this extensive self-build project will be completed in a number of phases starting with the outbuildings, moving on to the main house, with final completion set for spring 2014. However, as Tony Pearson of Pearson Properties explains, this wasn’t a straightforward self-build project.

“When first being briefed about the project, the owner had a clear vision that energy efficiency should be the clear priority while still providing a home and external buildings that could be enjoyed by the whole family. Although with any self-build, time and cost also come into the equation, achieving a sustainable property was the clear aim.

“Heating the home is one of the biggest factors when it comes to energy efficiency, therefore an underfloor heating system became the obvious answer when heating a large living area or room. This is down to the fact that heating from the floor upwards ensures the room temperature rises steadily and with the heating being at floor level there is an even distribution of heat, leaving no cold spots.”

On the finished installation, Tony adds: “The completed installation within the outbuildings has proved amazingly straightforward and with help from Schlüter’s representatives the whole process has been quick and easy to implement.

The next stage of the Chitterman House project involves the construction of the main house from the ground up, along with the installation of underfloor heating, several wetrooms also using Schlüter-Systems, and the use of sustainable materials.