Ten years of singing and dancing in the rain

For three generations Hansgrohe ( www.hansgrohe.com) has been successfully working with showers. The “Raindance” product range, which the Black Forest bathroom specialist has made a world market leader in showers, is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2013. Throughout this decade the sensual “rain dance” has been constantly changing and has set many bathroom trends.

Short history of the shower: from washing off the dirt to feel-good showers

In the past, showering was more of a necessary evil, and nobody gave a thought to shower design or spray types. In any case, until the 20th century people tended to take baths. If you did take a shower, then the water squirted, gushed or splashed out of an overhead shower. All that changed when a certain Hans Grohe recognised the frontrunner of a trend and brought out a hand shower with a white porcelain handle in 1928. This enabled the founder of the company to provide a convenient alternative to the overhead shower – and set a trend which made showering affordable for many private households. In 1953, Hans Grohe invented the wall bar, which meant that all of a sudden you had your hands free when showering – and could dispense with a more expensive bath tub. This gave rise to a culture of showering, and Hansgrohe has helped to shape it in a significant way. Over time people’s bathing behaviour has also changed – as they now take more showers than baths.

Size matters: Raindance changes the shower environment

Countless shower innovations later, Hansgrohe launched the first Raindance to the market in 2003. A hand shower had never looked like this before: large spray disc, flat silhouette, short handle. The shape of the Raindance, developed in Phoenix Design’s prestigious design studio in Stuttgart, turned the proportions of conventional hand showers on their heads and had three times as much surface. While showering, you could choose between different jet types. The bathroom environment saw a modern and futuristic design with Raindance; somehow, other models now seemed small and old-fashioned. Raindance has been taken up enthusiastically all over the world. Overhead showers are now in vogue again at the beginning of the 21st century. The large Raindance hand shower envelops the whole body in exquisite shower rain. It comes close to the feeling of an overhead shower – without the extra need to install one on the ceiling. The luxuriously large hand shower is easily screwed onto the shower hose.

A systematic approach to showering: the Raindance range grows

Hansgrohe has built the Raindance series up into a wide range of showers and lets the products shine for themselves: with innovative wall bars, shower supports, shower sets and shower combinations. Shower systems such as showerpipes and shower panels have also been developed – complete solutions comprising a hand shower, an overhead shower and a mixer, which enable customers to benefit from a multitude of options in terms of comfort and pleasure. With Raindance shower solutions, Hansgrohe has opened up the attractive market of bathroom renovation, because they are easy to install and quick to retrofit. Even without breaking the walls.

It comes bubbling out: Raindance with AirPower

Hansgrohe took showering to a new level with AirPower: the intelligent shower technology enriching the water with air. This invention gives rise to plump, soft drops which bubble out of the spray disc like natural rain. You can see, hear and feel the result: millions of drops filled with air gently caress the skin. AirPower not only creates an extraordinary showering experience, but also ensures greater water efficiency. Combining water wellness with environmental considerations is Hansgrohe’s speciality. AirPower, just like the EcoSmart water saving function, has its finger right on the sustainability pulse too. The in-house spray research team has developed both technologies. Incidentally, researchers were inspired to create AirPower by the nature of the Black Forest: through streams that clean themselves by swirling air into the water.

Shower pleasure XXL: the overhead shower flies high again

Hansgrohe is one of the first manufacturers to get wind of the mega trend for the “overhead shower” and builds both square and round models for walls or ceilings, with and without lighting. They have diameters of 180, 240 or 300 millimetres and are called Raindance Rainfall or Raindance Royal flat overhead showers. For anyone who feels that the enjoyment of well-being at home cannot be overdone, the Raindance Rainmaker offers a super overhead shower with a 600-millimetre diameter. In order for the new Rainmakers to provide heavenly refreshment and relaxation, Hansgrohe’s spray research team has developed new jet types, such as the RainFlow waterfall spray. It can be said: there has been a noticeable change in showering with Raindance.

Select your shower pleasure: the new generation with the Select function

For the ten-year anniversary Hansgrohe and Phoenix Design are continuing to write the best-seller’s development history: Raindance hand showers are getting a “Select” button. Consumers can now toggle between three jet types at the gentle touch of a button. Behind this is the design philosophy of “Simplicity”, simplified everyday routines. Where you used to turn, now you click: whether on the phone or in the car. The premium brand calls the intuitive operating concept “Select your shower pleasure”. This innovative step, and the jet types with various kinds of intensity, also takes into account that showering is now much more individual than ever before. These all-round multi-talents featuring the smart button are ideal for anyone who appreciates convenient shower pleasure and a timelessly modern design. After a successful market launch, Hansgrohe has also been fitting overhead showers and thermostats with Select. With regards to the design, Raindance now has 14 product families. The showers and shower systems of the Raindance range have collected over 200 national and international design awards since 2003.

Often copied, never equalled: Raindance is the product pirates’ favourite

You can see you are setting a trend, not just by increasing sales figures, but also by how many counterfeit products are suddenly in circulation. The Raindance brand is registered in 49 countries and more than 200 technical intellectual property rights, along with over 280 design intellectual property rights, so-called industrial designs, protect external appearance and technology. From the very beginning, product counterfeiters all over the world literally pounced on Raindance and flooded the trade with cheap pirate copies. For Hansgrohe SE, product piracy is no trivial offence, as the damage caused is considerable. The company consistently exercises its rights, rigorously confiscating and destroying pirate copies. However, the attempts to imitate are also nevertheless a compliment of sorts.