Swedish development project to create sustainable compact living for students

The Swedish student housing company AF Bostäder in Lund, southern Sweden, has started a development project called Bokompakt (Compact Living). The properties, now in construction, comprises 22 apartments, between 10 and 40 square metres in size. The project will form the basis of a study on how AF Bostäder and other real estate companies can build space-efficiently and at low cost.

Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder said:

“The Bokompakt development project involves sustainable housing which makes efficient use of a small area. Without compromising on quality, our aim is to challenge current building standards in Sweden and reduce housing costs. We want to develop the student housing of the future and create better conditions for young people on the housing market.”

The objective for the project Bokompakt is to develop homes with a lower monthly cost, for which there is a great need on the Swedish housing market. The Bokompakt dwellings were planned using a reference group of students. The project is evaluating a number of aspects including size and shared housing. The evaluation is conducted in collaboration with a housing researcher at Lund University, Sweden.

Sustainability is an important part of the Bokompakt development project. AF Bostäder works with subcontractors to develop and evaluate technical solutions to reduce the environmental impact. For example, the dwellings have hot water exchangers and solar panels, making them self-sufficient, in principle, in terms of heating.

Magnus Cederberg, Head of Strategic Property Development at AF Bostäder said:

“Bokompakt dwellings entail low resource use per person both during construction and when they are inhabited. For example, a small area requires less heating and fewer lights. We have chosen wood as the building material instead of concrete, which is better for the environment.”

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