Surveying expert urges construction firms to adapt for growth

A Midlands surveying specialist is calling on the construction industry to seek external advice and adapt to growth if the industry is going to thrive throughout 2014.

The rallying cry comes from surveying and Building Information Modelling (BIM) expert Severn Partnership after the company experienced for itself a 12% increase in productivity, since embarking on a bespoke change management programme with Midlands-based consultancy Clare Hall Organisational Development.

Recent research from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) states that businesses that seek external training and information are 14% more ambitious and 50% more successful than those that do not. This is no more important than in the construction industry, which the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has revealed is dealing with its biggest workload since its quarterly surveys began in 1994.

Severn Partnership wanted to adapt its internal processes in order to keep up with demand and introduce a line management structure to the business. The firm was in the middle of launching its new SEEABLE brand, which allows non-technical access to complex 3D data on desktops, smartphones and tablets through innovative apps, and it was important for the business to stay abreast of industry changes. A tailored change management course from Clare Hall Organisational Development helped the business to implement competency frameworks for change to help its innovations stand out in the marketplace. The firm boosted productivity by better understanding its staff, enhancing communication levels, and improved team morale for maximum business efficiency. It also enabled the firm to upgrade its bronze Investors In People award to the Silver standard.

Mark Combes, Managing Director of Severn Partnership explains why external tailored courses like this can benefit the wider construction industry:

“The construction industry is constantly going through change so it is important to remain ahead of innovation if the sector is going to contribute to the growth of the UK economy this year. It always pays to step outside your business and invest in leadership support. Successful businesses have successful leaders at their core and in construction, where businesses often inherit leaders, change management and strategic support can really help to grow a business successfully.”

Recent findings from the latest Construction Trade Survey show that the industry grew for three consecutive quarters for the first time since the financial crisis. Focusing on the strategic direction of a business can pay dividends when it comes to company growth and Clare Hall helped the directors at Severn Partnership free up 30% of their time to concentrate on future growth of the business. This enabled the firm to introduce new innovations to the marketplace and grow its market presence.

Clare Hall, Managing Director of Clare Hall Organisational Development said:

“Sometimes it can be difficult to step outside of a business and dedicate time to simple management tasks, but as Severn Partnership experienced, it can bring long term benefits. There is a lot of project work in construction and often strategic management time can suffer but just by taking the time to focus on how your lead your business, you can experience increases in productivity, morale, and ultimately, profitability.”