SureSets’ Global partners ‘Creme de la creme’ driveway installation

SureSet Permeable Paving have a truly global reach due to their network of Global Partners. With agents in America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and UAE SureSet are able to install almost anywhere around the globe.

A fantastic recent example of one of our Global Partners work was on a large driveway installation in the South of France.

The brief was to create a permeable driveway over an existing base. The customer wanted a smooth, seamless and durable surface that would enhance the period character of the property, so the Global Partner created a new blend of 6mm marble from their home country of Italy, and once installed atop SureSets permeable sub base Surecell a fully permeable solution was created that would allow any rain or surface water to drain straight back into the natural water table.

SureCell is a recycled plastic interlocking grid structure that, once infilled with loose stone and compacted, creates a strong, high load bearing base to then install SureSet onto. Due to the simple installation method and lack of specialist tools required to install SureCell it is the perfect sub base option for all applications and can be installed quickly, cleanly and economically.

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