Super salon styling with SterlingOSB

Popular in fashionable, modern commercial and residential interior design schemes, as well as being the best walling product for timber frame houses, SterlingOSB, a stranded wood panel, has been used in the Urban Creative hairdressing salon in Seaham to create a stunning industrial look.  

The team at Urban Creative wanted an interior scheme in keeping with the former warehouse location.  With an eye on budget and the need for a solid, hardwearing material for work stations, SterlingOSB was the obvious choice.

The sustainable panelling is more economically viable than plywood and allowed Urban Creative to keep their renovation costs low while maximising the number of work stations they could afford to create. They elected to expand the salon and build 12 new work stations, as well as using SterlingOSB for the reception desk and statement wall. 

Gemma of Urban Creative explains,

“As a pioneering hair salon, we need to be fashionable at all times! SterlingOSB is perfect in reflecting our style – and we could use it everywhere!”

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