Super charge your adhesive selection with Sika

Sika MaxTack Super Charged is the new Super Adhesive from Everbuild – A Sika Company boasting an incredibly fast fixing time of just 20 minutes allowing work to continue without the waiting time.

With the ability to bond to almost any surface, Sika MaxTack Super Charged can be used in a multitude of applications both indoors and outdoors, is completely weatherproof and waterproof and will even stick in the wet or underwater.

Available in white in a 300ml cartridge, Sika MaxTack Super Charged is the next level in adhesive technology and just one of the fantastic products within the Sika Pro Select range.

For more information on Sika MaxTack Super Charged or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges, contact your local sales representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit