Successful industry placement for student at Larkfleet

A five month work placement mid-way through a university degree has proved a double win for Bourne-based home building and sustainability firm Larkfleet and 22-year-old student Charles Parker.

Charles, originally from Peterborough, is studying architectural technology and construction management at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with the goal of becoming a chartered surveyor.

Charles said:

“Larkfleet has been a great company to work for and the experience has allowed me to build on my existing knowledge of residential building construction as well letting me work under expert professional guidance which has provided me with a high level of insight.”

One of his specific tasks during his employment was to compose a catalogue of cladding options for the Larkfleet flood resistant prototype house which is currently being developed but was still lacking an external finish.

Having assessed different cladding options, he was able to present his findings on the best option for the project to the Larkfleet architect.

Charles, whose five month placement has just ended, was also tasked with investigating a possible Larkfleet link with a Latvian-based specialist supplier of pre-fabricated residential housing.

This led to him setting up a meeting in London so the company could make a presentation to Larkfleet directors and discuss the feasibility of tailoring its pre-fabricated buildings to meet UK regulations.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of all Larkfleet business activities and so Charles also had the chance to work on various research tasks for group company Lark Energy.

Charles added:

“Larkfleet is highly committed to green energy solutions and as part of this I carried out in-depth research to establish the pros and cons of supplying newly-built residential houses with electric vehicle chargers.”

“Larkfleet’s future goal is to link its own PV panels on properties with electric vehicle chargers with large charge holding capacity. This would mean solar energy could be stored in the charging unit during the day and then used overnight to charge the car.”

Larkfleet is a major supporter of training and student initiatives, not just through its own apprenticeship and graduate recruitment programmes but through support for colleges and sponsorship of the Greater Peterborough University Technical College.