Structural retaining walls made easy with AG’s new Vertica Double Sided Block

AG, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of innovative concrete products, is launching a brand new structural retaining wall block in response to growing demand within the housing sector and beyond for a double-sided product that lends itself well to machine installation.

The state-of-the-art Vertica® Double Sided Block (DSB) is as versatile as it is aesthetically pleasing, making it the ideal choice for finishing walls, completing the final course on a standard Anchor Vertica® (MacWall®) but really comes into its own for parapet walls, and small barrier extensions as well as stop end blocks.

Developed as the perfect solution to avoid unsightly finishes on parapets and walls, the block’s double face adds a professional, attractive finish to walling without the need to add railing, slab walling or a double course. Theses versatile blocks can also be used to build single course, low gravity walls, making it the ideal choice for divider walls in commercial and large scale residential schemes.

Available in a broad range of warm earth-tone colours (Basalt, Canelletto, Cashel and Corrib) and natural textured finishes (straight-cut and stone-cut) the variety offered by Vertica® Double Sided Block means that it can be adapted to suit any environment.

The blocks have been manufactured to BS EN 771-3:2011+A1:2015 Specification for Masonry Units meaning customers can rest assured that they are of the upmost quality and strength.

State-of-the-art factory-controlled vapour curing employed during the precise production of the blocks significantly reduces efflorescence, the naturally occurring chemical reaction that can lead to unsightly blemishes.

Commenting on the new product, Rodney Davidson, Commercial Director at AG commented,

“As machine install friendly blocks, Vertica® Double Sided Blocks (DSB) are especially safe and efficient. We are already experiencing high demand for this type of product and look forward to bringing this versatile product to the market working closely with Engineers, Architects, Contractors, and Housing Builders.”

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