Stokvis Econoplate “H” Series interface unit

The new Econoplate “H” Series interface unit has been developed in response to the expanding use of district heating schemes and centralised/satellite plant rooms. This allows simpler, effective and flexible integration of low to zero carbon technology at the central plantroom and overall energy efficiency can be increased.

Director Paul Sands explains:

“Where you are looking at flats, sheltered schemes or student accommodation, it is a lot simpler and safer to have a district boiler, rather than individual units requiring annual gas inspections and servicing. With the new “H” Series interface unit it can be located in a kitchen or utility space the same as a conventional boiler and draws heat from the main flow and return circuit, via packaged heat exchanger interface.

“We are offering a ‘twin-plate’ option to separate the heating and hot water services, a ‘single plate’ unit which allows direct heating and separate HWS and a bespoke ‘single plate’ which separates heating only.

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