SterlingOSB is up to 45 per cent cheaper in price than plywood – tough boards, not so tough a choice

According to research conducted for Norbord by Circle Research, great cost savings can be achieved if you buy SterlingOSB instead of softwood plywood. The 18mm costs 24.6% less, whereas the 11mm version is an impressive 45.2% saving compared to softwood plywood.

SterlingOSB is a direct comparative to softwood plywood in many applications and has equivalent, if not superior, strength and durability. Not only is SterlingOSB more cost-effective in price, it is easy to saw, cut and drill which means it is easy to fix too. It’s also easy to find given that it is locally produced in Scotland and, unlike imported plywoods, this results in lower carbon shipping miles meaning SterlingOSB is also environmentally sustainable.

It is made from tree thinnings harvested during the sustainable management of local forests, is CE-marked, FSC-certified and carries BBA-certification, packing even more value into the already lower price.

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