State of the art drainage solutions from JDP

Water management specialists JDP will offer visitors to the London Build Show the latest in world-class drainage solutions.

Axedo is a state-of-the-art inspection chamber system, which is fast, versatile and provides a safer option than concrete. As an alternative to concrete chambers, the use of Axedo plastic chambers can lead to savings in installation time of up to 50 per cent, saving cost both in time and materials. In addition, Axedo includes plastic chambers, which can be used for deeper installation depths, offering non-man entry access as defined in the requirements of Sewers for Adoption (SfA7). Unlike concrete chambers, which will require a much larger excavation, Axedo chambers are lighter allowing for quicker and easier installation, without the need for heavy lifting equipment, and enabling a reduction in vehicle movements on site.

Providing the best practice and latest in integrated SuDS drainage systems, RAINBOX® Attenuation Solutions offer the full flexibility to create bespoke or hybrid solutions to minimise the risk to localised flooding. The RAINBOX® system includes Lite, Medium and Heavy load grades to suit almost any application. The crates are lightweight, and offer benefits in terms of reduced time on site, speed of installation reduced transport costs, material costs and reduced maintenance costs when compared with conventional drainage channels.