Spot repair with Osmo UK

Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes specialist, provides the perfect solution for spot repairs with the easy-to-use Polyx®-Oil Care and Repair Paste. This hard-wearing paste – that is available in a toothpaste style tube – has been specifically designed to help maintain, repair and restore internal wood.

Developed from natural oils and waxes, the eco-friendly gel-like-paste is made of the Osmo UK Polyx®-Oil. Creating an extremely durable and hardwearing layer, this spot repair paste is suitable for use on wood in indoor areas, including furniture surfaces, worktops made of solid wood or laminated wood, and all wooden floors, OSB and cork flooring.

The paste is ready to use straight from the tube and should be applied with a lint-free cloth once the surface is clean. Any mistakes are made during application can be corrected up to 15 minutes after the first application. After 8-10 hours drying time, the surface will be resistant to saliva and perspiration and liquids such as coffee, wine and cola.

Osmo UK is renowned for its wood finishes that combine product performance and natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. The company operates a policy of supplying products that are eco-friendly during production as well as in application. The Care and Repair Paste from Osmo UK is no exception, as it meets the requirements of DIN 53160, by being safe for humans, animals and even on children’s toys.

For stockist details and more information on Osmo UK and its range of environmentally friendly wooden products and specialist finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220