Specify roller doors for homes near the coast

For properties near the coast, specifying a door constructed from materials which are more proficient in withstanding a coastal winter is sometimes overlooked. The UK’s leading garage door manufacturer, Garador, offers selection of roller doors.

The door curtain on Garador’s GaraRoll is constructed from aluminium, while the frame legs and box cover are constructed from galvanised steel. All elements are manufactured with a durable paint finish. So as garage doors go, they are well suited to a coastal property.

But GaraRoll roller doors aren’t just constructed from durable materials, they are also conducive for garages where saving space inside is important. As Simon Hipgrave, Managing Director of Garador comments,

“Our range of GaraRoll roller doors are perfect for garages that want to save space inside or retain access to the roof, as there are no tracks going back into the garage.”

One of the key considerations, especially if you building your garage from scratch, is to ensure that there is enough space above the lintel to fit the roller door box. This is assuming you are fitting the door behind the opening, which is preferable for the vast majority of GaraRoll installations. For GaraRoll roller doors wider than 2301mm you need at least 355mm headroom, while for GaraRoll roller doors less than 2300mm wide, you only need 290mm headroom.

When you factor in a choice of colour and timber effect finishes, a range of sizes up to 5000mm wide, a fully automated design with built-in operator as standard and force-limitation built into the operator, ensuring it is safe to use, it’s no surprise that the GaraRoll is one of the UK’s most popular roller doors.

For more information on Garador’s range of roller doors, please visit www.garador.co.uk