Smart Fire UK: the May Fair Hotel’s Bar

When the May Fair Hotel was looking to transform its former gas fireplace in their cocktail bar into a stylish, elegant centrepiece, SmartFire UK was the obvious answer.

The five star hotel has a rich and glamorous history. First opened by King George V in 1927, the legendary hotel now boasts an expressive and contemporary design that makes it the iconic boutique hotel it is today.

The exclusive hotel attracts many celebrity visitors, including Kate Winslet, Gary Oldman and Sir Ian McKellen.

The May Fair Bar is a mix of the classic and the avant-garde, unsurprisingly being voted as the ‘Best Hotel Bar in London” by the Guardian and London Lite.

The management of May Fair Hotel’s Bar were looking for change, to transform their defective gas fireplace into a sleek but eye-catching centrepiece.

They called upon the design expertise at Smart Fire UK for this innovative transformation.

The company’s speciality is efficiency, with their bio-ethanol fuelled fires creating new possibilities in fireplace design.

Smart Fire UK wanted to install a product that would fit in with the hotel’s elegant interior and chose a series of BK5 burners from EcoSmart Fire.

The EcoSmart fire burners aesthetic scope is limitless due to its unique design.

The bioethanol fuel they use is emission free so there is no need for smoke extraction or chimneys, allowing greater aesthetic scope for design.

The previous fireplace in the May Fair Bar had problems with extraction but EcoSmart’s fire burner provided a convenient solution.

The EcoSmart fire burners’ attractive appearance with a high-quality stainless steel finish made them perfect for the stylish look May Fair Hotel were after.

The hotel’s mangement wanted to ensure the bar would please the high profile clientele by introducing a wow factor focal point in the room.

The installation has been a huge success, with the EcoSmart fire being the glamorous new attraction for the patrons of the May Fair Bar.

Wayne Coddington from the May Fair Hotel was thrilled with the efficient, stylish solution Smart Fire UK offered.

He said: “We needed to transform our old fireplace within three weeks, with minimal disruption to the continuous flow of clientele.

“EcoSmart Fire burners offered unlimited design flexibility and emission-free ethanol fuelled heating.”

The bar’s management was impressed by the fire burners’ design, with its powerful, bright yellow flame having inviting qualities as well as being an attractive centrepiece.

Wayne added:

“May Fair Bar guests cross the full length of the bar just to come and sit next to the fireplace.”

“EcoSmart Fire’s design certainly has exceeded our expectations.”

Paul Holt, business manager from SmartFire UK said:

“We were delighted to work with such a prestigious hotel for this project.”

“Our bio-ethanol resources are revolutionizing the usual design constraints of installing fireplaces and this project in particular in one we very proud of.”

“The elegant and contemporary interior of the May Fair Bar provided our design geniuses with great inspiration.”

“The limitless design opportunities that bioethanol presents gave EcoSmart Fire a tremendous amount of creative scope to find the perfect Smart Fire Burner to fit in with this luxurious setting.”